Do You Know Jesus? 
The first step in overcoming anything in life is to know Jesus.  Becoming a Christ follower is the greatest decision you will ever make.  Everyone who receives Jesus in their life will need help to grow in their new life journey.  
Romans 10:13 For whoever calls upon Jesus will be saved. 
Pray this out loud: Lord I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and was raised from the dead.  Please forgive me for my sins.  Lord Jesus come into my heart.  Make me new.  I want to live for you who died for me.  I love you Lord.  Thank you for loving me.
Maybe you’re wondering: I accepted Jesus, now what do I do?  When we believe and accept Jesus into our life & experience the forgiveness of our sins, we become a brand new person.  You become a child of God.  Your eternity is secured.  You have a new family.  You are given purpose.
Your next step is to get water baptized!  Make it public what you’ve just done.  Get in the 7 Basics class to grow in your relationship with Christ & attend Dream team 101 to join the team!  
If you asked Jesus in your heart today or recommitted your life to Christ go to our contact page and send us a message or text the word “BELIEVE” to 815-270-5170.  We will send you some information to help you start your journey!