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Getting a Grip on the Basics

Getting a Grip on the 
Instructor: Ali Messina
6-7:30pm  ONLINE
13 week  class
God wants every believer to get a grip on foundational truths from the Bible.  Establish a road for healthy growth in your life journey! 
Getting a Grip on the
Basics of SERVING
Instructor: Cynthia Messina
Currently meeting
ONLINE @ 7:30pm
13 week class
God has a plan and purpose for your life.  Where do fit in to God’s plan?  What gifts or talents has God given you for serving? Discover your place! 
Getting a Grip on 
Instructor: Allen Mills
God has a plan for our health, healing and wholeness.  He wants us to live in moderation, wisdom and divine health.  Find out His will and discover wisdom to live healthy lives! 
A partir del 3 de junio, comenzaremos un nuevo estudio, Afirmandose enlos Principios Basicos de Viviendo Generoso. Now reunimos los Miercoles a las 8pm con Zoom. Sin costo para la clase. Si desea unirse a nosotros, por faor envieme un mesaje de texto al 815-677-6967 y le conseguire mas informacion y los materiales. Estamos muy emocionados de verte! 
Getting a Grip on the 
Basics of Generous Living
Instructor: Kim Bork
Currently not meeting
13 week class
God wants his people to prosper and succeed in life!  Study about God’s plan for provision for an abundant life full of increase so you can be blessed & be a blessing to others. 
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Getting a Grip on the
7 Basics
Instructor: Annette Smith/Ali Messina/Cynthia Messina
Mondays-ONLINE Zoom format
 6-7 pm  (8 weeks)
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Get your journey with Christ started off right with a foundation in the basics principles of faith.